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Effective Design for Business sales

  • create a special landing page outside of your main site
  • focus all the important information in one single page
  • provide communication via contact form and newsletter
  • never dismiss the importance of call to action button

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About Us

Website Designer in Mumbai India, why not get in touch with me at info@irshaadqureshi.in

Hi I’m Irshaad Qureshi. I’m a Freelancer into the field of Web Developer and Web Master.

I’m very passionate into making variant websites and web applications. I like making websites using CMS like WordPress etc. But i have a keen interest in during R&D in the fields of CMSes and making vast diverse Websites that have a strong base i.e. any CMS.

I can trouble shoot any of the flaws and error in code of wordpress etc. I have also been maintaining various websites or given an opportunity to troubleshoot, install plugins or add features to existing websites through my freelancing job.

I have done freelancing through many sources on web itself which have proved playing a vital role in making me understand the working with clients online and providing them services. I have account in such sites like fiverr.com, freelancer.com, osdesk.com, guru.com, elance.com, and many more…

As a techno person i have a sound knowledge of HTML / CSS / CSS3 PHP/ MySql, Jquery, PHP frameworks like Cakephp, and more… All i need in my career is to have more and more knowledge and experience to work on variant projects and provide my best skills to live.

As a person I’m very outward, friendly, expessive, communicative and of jolly nature. These nature of mine have helped me making good relation with my fellas, clients and colleagues.

I have my interest not restricted to the fields of web development but also into mobility techology. As the world evolves the technology evolve too. Thus I’m having a mindset where i can also put my mobilty skills into the field of Android OS Platform based App to come to my acquitance and help me to get its knowledge so that i can explore more which adds to my interest.

I’m a very socialize person thus people can get in touch with me through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google plus, and Blogger. All the links and the way to follow me are displayed down.

So if you think i deserve a Hello from you, after knowing so much about me. Why not leave me a message if you care!!!

Have a good day!!!

Irshaad Qureshi

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